“The Navy is preparing our officer corps of the future to meet the dynamic challenges in the next generation of technology and leadership. In structuring our academic programs to meet these challenges, undergraduate academic majors for Navy ROTC Navy option midshipmen are divided into three categories or tiers: Tier 1 – engineering programs of Navy interest, Tier 2 – other engineering, math and science programs, Tier 3 – Foreign language and remaining academic programs. In order to keep pace in this high tech and diverse environment, approximately 85% of Navy Option Navy ROTC scholarships offers will be awarded to students interested in completing a Tier 1 or Tier 2 academic major. The Navy ROTC scholarship provides full tuition and fees at 166 of our nation’s most elite and prestigious colleges and universities.”

* The Marine Corps does not classify their students using the Navy Tier System

* Not all of these majors are offered at NCSU

Tier 1 Academic Majors



Astronautical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Naval Architecture & Marine/Naval Engineering

Nuclear Engineering

Ocean Engineering

Systems Engineering

Tier 2 Academic Majors

Agricultural/Biological Engineering & Bioengineering

Architectural Engineering/Architectural Engineering Technologies

Astrophysics Biochemistry

Biophysics & Molecular Biology

Biomathematics & Bioinformatics Biomedical/Medical Engineering

Biotechnology Cell/Cellular Biology & Anatomical Sciences

Ceramic Sciences & Engineering


Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering

Computer Programming

Computer Science/Info. Tech.

Construction Engineering

Electronics & Comm. Engineering

Engineering Mechanics



Engineering Science

General Engineering

General Science

Industrial Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Materials Engineering


Metallurgical Engineering

Microbiological Sciences and Immunology

Mining & Mineral Engineering Nuclear & Industrial Radiologic Technology


Petroleum Engineering

Pharmacology & Toxicology


Physiology, Pathology & Related Sciences

Polymer/Plastics Engineering

Quantitative Economics


Textile Sciences & Engineering

Tier 3 Academic Majors

All other academic majors not listed in Tier 1 or Tier 2